The idea of the site has always been in my mind. To create a home made portal for the benefit  of those who are interested in this beautiful island and want to preserve as much as possible despite the arrogance and the carelessness of some of those who have the power but betray the nature of the island nevertheless.

First of all the site  is dedicated to the great Archimedes, and to him are related some of the following links.


The next link refers to the implementation of one of the most important discoveries made by Archimedes. I must confess that I had really never heard of such a machine mentioned in the link while being at school in Sicily. As a consequence I must pay tribute to the BBC. 

Homage to the BBC!


For those who are interested in the machines and other inventions made by Archimedes, please refer to the following link: :


Another important link for those who need a guide in Sicily, apart from my personal services, is, the serious organization called Guisno.

A regional guide for Sicily does not exist. There are the district guides who are specialized on the single cities or archeological sites. However, a  good Tour leader,  with the license of a  tourist courier, is a good substitute if she or he has at least five years of experience and is very dedicated at her or his job.